In October 2023, amidst the vibrant foliage of autumn, three visionary minds converged at the prestigious Kingsmill Resort. Mr. George Duangmanee, CEO of The Agency College Recruit, renowned for his pioneering work in college consulting across Asia, met with Mr. Steve Hornsby, Founding Owner of the College Prep Jr Golf Tour, a beacon of excellence in junior golf tournament operations on the East Coast. Alongside them stood Mr. Robert J. Dudeck Jr., PGA, a seasoned Tournament Coordinator and Director with a passion for fostering the next generation of golfing talent.

As they gathered, a spark of inspiration ignited among them. They shared a common dream: to create an event that transcended the boundaries of ordinary junior golf tournaments. They envisioned an occasion that would not only showcase the skills of young golfers but also serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity in the realm of college recruiting.

Thus, 1st the Junior World Cup Invitationals at Kingsmill was born—a beacon of excellence set to illuminate the world of junior golf. Scheduled for July 14-17, 2024, at the illustrious Kingsmill Resort’s River Course, where PGA and LPGA legends have graced the fairways for two decades, this tournament promised to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Drawing from their collective experiences and passions, the trio crafted a tournament that embodied their vision. Mr. Robert’s own son had traversed the path of college golf, Mr. George’s two sons proudly represented the University of Virginia on the collegiate golf stage, and Mr. Steve’s College Prep Jr Golf Tour had long been dedicated to guiding young talents towards collegiate recruitment.

The heart of the tournament lay in its innovative format—a fusion of elite competition and collegiate recruitment focus, akin to the NCAA National Championship. With a total of 144 players, including 72 international and 72 US junior golfers, the field was set to showcase the best and brightest talents from around the globe.

Central to the tournament’s ethos was the JWCI College Golf Camp, where 30 top college coaches would impart their wisdom and expertise to all participants. This immersive experience would culminate in a welcome dinner and golf coaches panel, offering young golfers the invaluable opportunity to connect with mentors and chart their paths towards collegiate success.

As the inaugural Junior World Cup Invitationals unfolded on the hallowed grounds of Kingsmill Resort, it became evident that this was more than just a tournament, it is a “Right to Dream: Unleash Your Potential with JWCI’s Journey to College Golf Success”