The Junior World Cup Invitational at Kingsmill (JWCI) is not a typical golf tournament, embodying exclusivity and excellence as an invite-only event that brings together the most promising junior golfers from across the globe. This prestigious competition serves as a platform for aspiring young athletes to not only showcase their skills but also prepare for collegiate-level golf.  There will be 144 players from around the globe with a balanced field comprising 72 international players and 72 players from the United States, this event promises a captivating blend of diversity and camaraderie.
Participants will engage in both team and individual formats, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategic depth to the competition. As teams unite to pursue collective glory, individual players will also strive to leave their mark and claim victory in their respective categories.
The event encompasses a comprehensive program designed to provide participants with a holistic experience:
College Prep Events: Beyond the tournament itself, the Junior World Cup Invitational offers college prep events aimed at guiding junior golfers in their transition to collegiate golf. This includes NCAA formation as both team and individual competitions, fostering camaraderie and healthy competition among players.
US College Golf Camp & Welcome Dinner: The journey begins with a US college golf camp and welcome dinner, facilitating invaluable interactions between junior golfers, their families, and US college golf coaches. This platform allows participants to gain insights into collegiate golf opportunities and establish connections with esteemed coaches.
The River Course at Kingsmill: The 2024 edition of the tournament will take place at The River Course, a revered venue that has hosted PGA and LPGA tours for over three decades. Renowned as one of Golf Digest’s top 100 courses in America, The River Course presents a formidable challenge for competitors, putting every aspect of their game to the test.
54 Holes of Stroke Play: The competition format consists of 54 holes of stroke play, providing a rigorous yet fair test of skill and endurance. With no cut, every participant has the opportunity to showcase their talent over the course of the tournament.
Entry Fee: Participants can secure their spot in the tournament with an entry fee ranging from $449 to $499 USD, reflecting the caliber and exclusivity of the event.
Invitations to the World Junior Cup Invitational at Kingsmill are extended through various channels, ensuring a diverse and highly competitive field of participants. By offering a platform that combines elite competition with invaluable preparation for collegiate golf, the tournament empowers young golfers to pursue their dreams and excel on the global stage.