Entry Policies

Age Requirements & Divisions


GRADE 9-12


GRADE 9-12





  • Players who graduated high school but not yet started in University as of July 31, 2024 is eligible to compete
  • Players who graduated from Grade 8th but not yet started Grade 9 as of July 31, 2024 is eligible to compete in Middle School Divisions


United States & International 

The World Junior Cup Invitational at Kingsmill epitomizes exclusivity, operating as an invite-only event that gathers the most promising junior golfers from around the globe. Through a stringent selection process, young talents can elevate their game to unprecedented heights. Invitations to this prestigious tournament are granted through several channels, ensuring a diverse and competitive field.

Junior golfers can secure their spot in the World Junior Cup Invitational through various means:

  • Qualifying Tournaments: Players can earn their invitation by excelling in designated qualifying tournaments, where they demonstrate their skill and potential on the course.
  • National Federation Request: National golf federations have the opportunity to request invitations for standout players who showcase exceptional talent and represent the pinnacle of junior golf within their respective countries.
  • Invitation by WJCI Player Committee: A select committee, comprising experts and stakeholders in junior golf, extends invitations to promising young golfers based on their performance, potential, and contributions to the sport.
  • Submit Invitation Request.  WJCI Recruitment Committee issue Invitations to a select list of players who are deemed to be the best junior golfers, allowing them direct entry into the Championship should they wish to accept the Invitation. 


All potential applicants who did not receive an Invitation will have their playing résumé reviewed by WJCI Recruitment Committee. We will be in touch regarding the status of applications received.

Please write and submit your request for invitation online

By offering multiple pathways to participation, the World Junior Cup Invitational at Kingsmill ensures that the most deserving junior golfers from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to compete on a global stage, showcasing their skills and vying for recognition as the future stars of the sport.


Click this link for Invitation Request

After you submitted “INVITATION REQUEST FORM”, within 48 hours you will receive email from our JWCI committee:

  1. If you are ACCEPTED to the field, you will receive a registration link and acknowledgement with CODE to proceed with registration.
  2. If you are NOT ACCEPTED to the field, we would like to recommend you to find qualify tournament to enter


Any questions, please contact
Mr. George Duangmanee
Call, Whatsapp : 703 855 9499 Email:  juniorworldcupinvitationals@gmail.com